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Welcome to the website of the Beta Cell Neogenesis Research Group (BENE)

Since BENE was founded in 2005, our main aim is to (re)generate functional beta cells, which until now remains a preclinical and experimental approach to diabetes therapy.

Our understanding of the regenerative capacity of beta cells is limited and our understanding on mechanisms to generate more beta cells is even more limited.

Where do new beta cells come from in adult organisms? Proliferation of pre-existing beta cells? Differentiation from progenitor cells? Transdifferentiation of non-beta cells to beta(-like) cells?

Interested? Read more about our Projects and Publications, our Team, Collaborations and Funds.

Best regards,

Harry Heimberg
Principal Investigator and Coordinator


The BENE research unit is commited to advancing diabetes care.
Your gift to us really does make a difference.


Our account for donations: BE51 0013 6779 3562 - BIC GEBABEBB (Mention: GIFTFD27)


Latest update: August 23, 2022